Azeri Translation

Azeri is one of the Turkic languages spoken in Azerbaijan. However, due to the difference in pronunciation and spelling, it is not possible to always understand every word. This raises the need of Azeri translation to understand texts written in that language. Azeri translation is done by expert linguists. With our 4 stage translation process, we deliver Professional translations with zero errors.

Azerice Çeviri Hangi Alanlarda Yaptırılabilir?

According to your needs you can get written, oral or computer aided translation services. For Azeri, you can also get subtitling and dubbing services. To get the most Professional translation service possible, you should first tell us the mode and area of translation. This way we can choose to assign your translation project to written, oral or computer aided translation experts or subtitle or dubbing experts.The translation process involves more than one person’s work. We work with experts but still we have multiple quality control steps for Azeri translation. These steps are as follows:

Four Step Azeri Translation Service

There are four steps in our translation and quality check process. The first of those steps is sending the text to an expert editor for Azeri translation. Translation is completed by expert linguists. Then the text undergoes a quality check process which includes controling whether there are any inconsistencies, numaration or punctuation errors. The third step in DTP which involves the thorough check of page layout. The next step is the final control where native speakers of Azeri read and control the final product. This way we can eliminate even the smallest mistakes.