Localization service includes the following steps as an addition to translation process;

  • Handling culturally and politically sensitive texts carefully by taking the target culture into account
  • Presenting alternative translations to customer when there are texts requiring cultural integration and implementing the co-decisions
  • Converting time/date, money and measurement units, numbers, names, addresses and the other elements to target language.



Localization means that your software and applications, and the documents related to them are prepared in terms of cultural values of target language and in order that the local people can easily leverage and use the software. With localization, you can address a wider range of audience in global market and increase the availability of your applications and/or software by providing ease-of-use.

In localization field our country has a geopolitically critical position as a gate to the Middle East. With our experience especially in Turkish, Arabic and Greek languages and our high quality works, we would appreciate to enlighten your way in this demanding environment and support you to accomplish your objectives!

Some of the programmes we use:


Some of the fields we offer translation services for:

  • Software localization
  • Machine and equipment interface localization
  • User manual localization
  • Website localization
  • Marketing and advertisement localization
  • Terminology management
  • Style guide preparation