Giving particular importance to quality, MoTTo is dedicated to offer the translation service in its best quality and to continue providing service for customers in long-term. It should be noted that Quality Control process is the integral part of translation and/or localization from beginning to end.


MoTTo working principle:

  • Preparing project-specific glossaries
  • Working with specialized translators as per the field of translation and localization
  • Leveraging technology at its best so as to fix inconsistency issues which is one of the most important problems in translation
  • For high volume projects, delivering a certain part of the translation as soon as possible and asking the customer to approve terminology
  • Reviewing of the translated text by editors/reviewers
  • After translation and reviewing are completed, fixing all the errors in document such as grammatical errors, inconsistencies, numerical mismatches, meaning errors and space issues by leveraging technological tools


Some of the programs we used in quality control process:


Also, programmes such as Transistor and Numcheck are used.